Esthetic Room

In this tranquil contemporary oasis filled with natural light, our female guests are invited to unwind with luxurious therapies that refresh the mind, body, and spirit.

Esthetic Room Treatments

Relaxation at Busena reaches its pinnacle in our sun-filled Esthetic Room, where skilled therapists bring original aromatic oil blends and practiced techniques to a range of facial and full-body treatments designed to refresh you physically and spiritually.

Signature Programs

These distinctive total body experiences unite facial and body treatments for the ultimate in relaxation.

Ryukyu Herbal Wraps

Revitalize your metabolism with our detoxifying aromatic herbal wraps featuring local botanicals.

Original Full-Body Treatments

Aromatic oil blends and practiced techniques feature in these treatments designed to both relax and energize you.

60-Minute Treatments

Make the most of your time between meetings or when on the run with these one-hour treatments.

Original Aromatic Facials

Our original essential oil blends feature in these facial treatments.

Optional Treatments

Combine these 20- to 30-minute treatments with any of our other offerings to deepen your relaxation.

The Terrace Hotels' Original Oil Blends and Bodycare Products

The all-natural original oil blends developed for use in our spa treatments are available for purchase, as is our private line of herbal bodycare products formulated from them.

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Possible period of stay: 2015-05-29 - 2016-01-04
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