Your Conference Coordinator

How To Produce

Your coordinator is your direct liaison to the many professionals whose collective expertise will culminate in the smooth execution of your main event and all related leisure activities and after-parties.

オーガナイザー・代理店→ザ・ブセナテラス カンファレンス・コーディネーター

A dedicated coordinator is your single point of contact,
ensuring seamless communication among the many people
involved in realizing your vision from the initial planning stage to the after-parties,
wrap-up sessions, and all post-event administration.


Your Conference Coordinator Will....

  • Devise a proposal based on your inquiry
  • Work with you to clarify your goals
  • Conduct your site inspection
  • Submit a scope of services document and estimate
  • Coordinate all interdepartmental and external collaboration
  • Secure all room reservations
  • Handle all required venue bookings
  • Organize all credit and billing procedures to meet your requirements
  • Follow through on all post-event activity

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