Activities FAQ

I heard that tattoos are not allowed at many pools and spas in Japan. What is your policy?

At all Terrace Hotel properties, tattoos of any kind may not be shown when on hotel premises. Within the lobby, restaurants, and other public spaces, please wear attire that fully conceals them. Likewise, rash guards or other appropriate swimwear are required at our pools and on the beach.

I'm interested in your Introductory Diving session, but I've never dived before. What do I need to know?

Each dive is a two-hour session. Starting times are posted daily and are subject to weather and tidal conditions. Ages 10 and up can participate. Same-day air travel is not recommended.

This activity is not recommended for pregnant women. Guests with any pre-existing health conditions are advised to check with their doctor beforehand.

To participate, you will need a bathing suit and sandals. These may be purchased at our resort, but are not available for rent. We also recommend sufficient use of sunscreen!

Soft contact lenses may be worn while diving, however we do provide prescription-lens goggles. If you are concerned about the safety of diving while wearing contact lenses, we recommend that you bring a case to store them in during your dive.

Do you have yoga classes?

We offer Yoga classe, as follows. Advance reservations are required.

Active Yoga

Are bathing suits and athletic wear available to rent?

Gym and tennis shoes are available for rent, but guests must bring their own socks. Swimwear and other sports apparel may be purchased at the resort.

What kinds of craft programs do you offer?

Our friendly instructors will guide you in local Okinawan arts such as pottery and traditional bingata dyeing in addition to plaster craft and glass-related handiwork including carving, bead making, and working with sea glass.

Craft House