Weddings FAQ

What are the possible starting times for a wedding ceremony?

We recommend a 12-noon ceremony, although 12:30 p.m. starting times may also be accommodated. To give you our full attention, The Busena Terrace hosts just one wedding party per day.
Our reception venues may be reserved from 1 p.m.

Is the ceremony a Christian one?

While the style follows Protestant customs, it is a civil ceremony in which the bride and groom declare their vows before the witnesses gathered. Please note that we are unable to accommodate Catholic observances.

How many guests may attend the ceremony?

Maximum numbers differ at each of the three venues we offer, the largest being 50.

Do the bride and groom as well as attending guests receive a discount when staying at the hotel?

Yes, bride and groom as well as attending guests receive a hotel discount. However, as hotel discounts can only be used for a limited time it is best to contact our staff at the wedding reception for more information.
*Airport limousines, car rentals, taxis and hotel limousines are available for transfers from the airport to our hotel and back. Please go to our "Facilities" page to find more information.

Is it possible to hold just the ceremony at the hotel, with no reception?

Yes, although we accept such requests only on weekdays, or weekends that are designated "unlucky days" according to the old calendar.

How should we advise our wedding guests to travel to the hotel from the airport?

A number of means are available. In addition to rental cars and taxis, the Airport Limousine Bus makes regularly scheduled runs. Hired cars may be arranged for a fee; advance reservations are required.

Do you provide individual changing rooms and private waiting areas for wedding party attendants?

No. Wedding party attendants who are staying at other hotels are advised to arrive dressed for the occasion, as separate changing facilities are unavailable. Prior to the ceremony, your guests may relax in our lobby or avail themselves of the "Maroad" tea lounge located in the Central Tower.

Where can our attendants go for kimono fittings and hair styling on the day of the wedding? Is there a salon within the hotel?

We do not have a salon on premises, but the private grooming facilities provided for the bride and groom each accommodate up to five people and hair styling and kimono fitting services for attendants are available. If necessary, we can arrange formal-wear rentals for bridal attendants through one of our affiliated shops.

We don't live in Okinawa. How are meetings with your bridal team conducted?

Destination weddings are our specialty--90 percent of our wedding clientele live outside of Okinawa! We advise prospective brides and grooms to first settle their travel plans and wardrobe needs. Approximately two months prior to the date, your wedding planner will begin to work with you to plan the details of your ceremony and reception. Most meetings with your wedding planner will be conducted by e-mail and telephone.

Can we make our own, separate arrangements for some aspects of the wedding?

Yes, however separate arrangements are not allowed for photography and hair styling--these are provided as part of our contract with you. Please note that for some components, such as formal-wear rental and take-away gifts for your guests, a fee is charged when separate arrangements are made.

We saw that "Fanuan" restaurant does not accept reservations for children under the age of seven. What if there are children attending our reception?

The restaurant's minimum age requirement is waived when the venue is reserved for large parties such as weddings. If necessary we can provide babysitting services through our Kids' Room facility. Your wedding planner will be pleased to assist with any such requirements.

What makes a Busena Terrace wedding different?

In order to give you our fullest attention, we host only one wedding party per day. Prospective brides and grooms can rest assured that staff from every area of the hotel will be dedicated to the smooth execution of their event.
Highlights of a Busena Terrace wedding:

  • Our open-air lobby overlooking the ocean is the most stunning architectural feature of the hotel. Many couples choose to hold their ceremony here.
  • We also offer the choice of holding your ceremony in our garden or on a privately chartered yacht.
  • Exclusive use of the hotel's main dining restaurant, "Fanuan," is provided for receptions of up to 40 people.
  • Our bridal team works closely with you to shape each intimate detail of your celebration into a made-to-order, unforgettable event.