March 31, 2024

The new gallery in the souvenir shop


From spring 2024, a new gallery called "Busena Selection" has opened in a corner of the souvenir shop on the 3rd floor of the main building. The concept revolves around "rare and valuable new Okinawan folk art selected by the hotel. " Built on the foundation of Okinawa's traditional arts and culture, the gallery introduces a unique collection of works under the theme of "New Terrace Style," offering a range of pieces with distinctive personalities. From pottery to Ryukyu glass and lacquerware, the collection includes rare items as well as locally sourced additive-free baked goods. We aim to anticipate and showcase emerging Okinawan folk art and promote it to the world.

Location Souvenir Shop / Gallery Space 'Busena Selection'
Central Tower 3F
Hours 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Main Artists Manabu Akamine (Pottery), COCOCO (Pottery),  urushi works.sanjicha (Lacquerware), Recycled Glass Studio Tetoteto (Ryukyu Glass), KIZUKI OKINAWA (Woodwork), Honmawaka (Bingata), Somayama kobo (Wood and Lacquer Crafts), Hanatoubou (Pottery), UMIKAZE (Ryukyu Glass), Tokusan Gama (Pottery), Manta Frog (Food), and more.

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The Busena Terrace Souvenir Shop

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