In-Room Dining & Relaxation Service

In-Room Dining

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner may be ordered via room service.

Breakfast (7 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.)
Please contact Butler Service before 12 midnight to order breakfast for the following morning.

Wellness Breakfast

  • Egg Dish
    Please Choose one from the choices below.
    (Plain Omelet, White Omelet, Fried Egg or Scrambled Egg)
  • Side Dish (Sausage & Steamed Vegetables)
  • Yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Seasonal Salad* or Vegetable Soup
    *Choice for Salad Dressings
    (Okinawan Orange "TANKAN", Hirami Lemon or Balsamico)
  • Please Choose one from the following drinks below.

    Juice or Smoothie

    ・Fresh Orange
    ・Fresh Grapefruit

    Coffee or Tea
    ・Original Herb Tea
     Please Choose one from the choices below.
     (Relax, Improvement, Beauty or Diet)
All Day Lunch & Dinner / A La Carte Menu
(10:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.)
Grilled Vegetable
with Raw Pork Ham in Soymilk and  Parmigiano Sauce
Assorted Cheese (591kcal)¥2,000
Assorted Appetizers (275kcal)¥2,400
Vegetables Soup
Burdock Soup (88kcal)¥1,100
Vegetable & Salad  
Marinated Several Kinds of Tomatoes
with Jelly Ravioli Style
Steamed Vegetables Salad (58kcal)¥1,800
Detox Salad (235kcal)¥1,500
Fish Dish  
Pan-Fried Okinawan White Fish
Grilled Tuna in Sesame Flavered Sauce (188kcal)¥3,300
Steamed Okinawan Leopard Coral Grouper
with Okinawan Scallion Sauce
Meat Dish  
Boiled Spiced Chicken
Grilled Agu Pork (289kcal)¥3,800
Grilled Japanese Beef Rib Loin (547kcal)¥5,500
Pasta & Rice Dish  
Green Curry
Mozuku Seaweed Peperoncino (262kcal)¥1,800
Bolognese Rice Flour Pasta
with Okinawan Pork
Szechuan Style Dan Dan Noodles
in Soymilk Soup
Okinawan Soba Noodles (640kcal)¥1,400
Healthy Sweets  
Tiramisu Okinawan Tofu
Assorted Fruits (286kcal)¥3,300

Midnight A La Carte Menu
(11 p.m. - 12 a.m.)
Mixed Mesclun Salad (44kcal)¥1,100
Rice Balls with Japanese Pickles (253kcal)¥1,400
Okinawan Noodles
Assorted Cheese (591kcal)¥2,000
Assorted Fruits (286kcal)¥3,300
Beverage List(7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.)  
Coffee & Tea  
Blended Coffee ¥750
Coffeine Less Coffee ¥750
Blended Tea ¥750
Original Herb Tea (Relax) ¥750
Original Herb Tea (Improvement) ¥750
Original Herb Tea (Diet) ¥750
Original Herb Tea (Beauty) ¥750
Soft Drinks  
Fresh Orange Juice ¥1,300
Fresh Grapefruit Juice ¥1,300
Mango Juice ¥650
Guava Juice ¥650
Hirami Lemon Juice ¥650
Cola ¥650
Ginger Ale ¥650
Oolong Tea ¥650
Orion Beer
Asahi Beer ¥950
Koryu Aged 5 Years Bottle ¥11,000
Kura Bottle ¥13,500
Champagne & Sparkling Wine  
Montsarra Cava Brut
Bottle ¥7,700
Vouve Clicquot Bottle ¥16,500
Moët et Chandon Bottle ¥17,300
White Wine  
Organic Blanc
Bottle ¥6,000
Pouilly Fume Bottle ¥9,900
Chablis Premier Cru Bottle ¥12,000
Red Wine  
Organic Rouge
Bottle ¥6,000
Bourgogne Rouge Bottle ¥10,000
Clarendelle Rouge Bottle ¥10,800
  • *All Prices include a 10% service charge and are subject to consumption tax.

In-Room Relaxation Service

You can enjoy our relaxation service in your guest room or our relaxation facility. Please contact Butler Service for an appointment.

In-room relaxation service is available daily from
1 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Our Relaxation facility is open daily from
1 p.m. - 10 p.m. (THE BUSENA TERRACE South Tower 1F)

Item Fee
Relaxation40 minutes ¥5,000
60 minutes ¥7,000
90 minutes ¥10,000
Oil Relaxation70 minute ¥9,000
100 minute (Aromatic Oil Relaxation) ¥13,000
40 minute (Aromatic Oil Foot Relaxation) ¥5,000
  • *Our treatment offering are designed to enhance relaxation. The Terrace Club makes no claim of medical efficacy regarding them.
  • *We may decline treatment for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, or who are pregnant or seeing a doctor regularly.
  • *Should you experience discomfort or feel unwell during your treatment, please inform your therapist promptly.
  • *The hotel assumes no liability for symptoms that emerge after a treatment.
  • *All prices are subject to consumption tax.

Reservations & Inquiries (Butler Service): 0980-51-1113

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