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A range of bodycare products inspired by thalassotherapies are available for purchase here, along with stylish Okinawan souvenirs and original items produced by The Terrace Hotels.

Hours 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. (Mar. - Nov.)
9 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Dec. - Feb.)

Featured Products

Original Herb Tea

Enjoy the 4 different flavors of our "Wellness Stay" herbal teas and their effects.

Original Herb Tea - BEAUTY
Original Herb Tea - DETOX
Original Herb Tea - RELAX
Original Herb Tea - RECOVERY

Price:Tea Bags (10 Pieces) JPY 1,300
          Tea Cans (Tea Leaves) JPY 1,600

Original Soy Pulp Biscotti

Shell ginger(100g)

Price:JPY 880 each

Original Salt & Pepper Blends

Okinawan Sea Salt(80g)
Spice & Herb Sea Salt(70g)

Price:JPY 820 each

The Terrace Hotels Original Face Mask

The mask is formulated with light galangal, a perennial of the ginger family that has long been used by Ryukyu islanders for its therapeutic properties and bright fragrance. 

Price:1pc JPY 880,
          5pcs/pack JPY 3,850

The Terrace Hotels Thalgo Skin Care Set

This original room amenity is based on alpinia speciosa leaf extract, which has an extraordinary moisturizing effect. 

Price:150ml-sized bottle JPY 2,860 each
Skin Lotion
Skin Milk
Skin Cleansing

All prices include consumption tax.