Betrothal Ceremony

A celebration of the unique bond between your families,the betrothal ceremony honors both the solemnity and the warm festivity of the occasion. Our unparalleled hospitality and sumptuous cuisine will ensure that your memories of this singular event are an abiding source of joy.

- Cuisine  
Formal Western From ¥6,600
Family-style Japanese From ¥6,600
Formal Japanese From ¥7,700
- Beverages  
Beer From¥900
Soft Drinks From¥600
Whisky From¥8,600
Awamori From¥9,000
Wine From¥4,600
Sparkling Wine From¥4,600
From ¥20,000
Floral Arrangements From ¥6,000
Betrothal Gifts From ¥30,000
Record of Engagement From ¥1,900

All prices include a 10% service charge and are subject to consumption tax.