So many elements go into the creation of your signature event. From the floral designs to the selection of takeaway gifts for your guests,our planners will work with you closely to ensure that everything unites seamlessly as an incomparable reflection of your personal style.

Floral Designs

Bouquets and Boutonnieres
From ¥33,000
Petal Toss
From ¥3,300
Tabletop (Bride and Groom)
From ¥33,000
Tabletop (Guests)
From ¥7,700
Tabletop (Wedding Cake) From ¥5,500
Napkin Flower From ¥550
Bouquets for Guardians From ¥5,500
  • • The sizes, styles, and color combinations of your floral designs are limited only by the imagination. While we will do our best to procure the flowers of your dreams, please remember that not all blooms are available in every season.

Formal Wear

Wedding Dress From ¥173,800
Tuxedo From ¥143,000
Morning Coat From ¥22,000
Formal Wear for Attendants (Kimono) From ¥41,800
Affiliated Dress Shops
Shop NameTelephone NumberLocationLocations Outside of Okinawa
(098) 866-1637
Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Four Sis & Co. (Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya)
(098) 862-0222
Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Tutu (Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya / Sapporo)
Bic Bridal
(098) 967-7040
Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan

Chiyoda Bridal House
(098) 860-1184
Naha, Okinawa, Japan

  • • For pricing, please inquire at each shop.
  • • A ¥33,000 charge will apply for each formal-wear item not contracted through the hotel.

Hair Styling and Makeup

Initial Dressing, Styling, and Makeup Session From ¥44,000
Styling and Makeup for Rehearsal (1 Style)
From ¥22,000
Second Hair Styling From ¥11,000
Second Dressing From ¥11,000
Hair Styling for Attendants
From ¥4,400
Dressing and Kimono Fitting for Attendants
From ¥7,700
  • • Your wedding planner will be pleased to provide pricing details.
  • • We ask our wedding clientele to refrain from engaging hair stylists and makeup artists not contracted through the hotel.

Takeaway Gifts and Favors

We generally recommend small gifts and souvenirs unique to Okinawa, such as those sold at "Oreander" here at the resort. Traditional handicrafts and Ryukyu glass items are especially popular. Your bridal planner will be pleased to make suggestions in keeping with your tastes and the number of items required. Alternatively, we can refer you to shops specializing in catalogue orders.

Wedding Favors From ¥3,850
Wedding Favors (Sweets) From ¥825
  • • A ¥330 charge will apply for each gift item not contracted through the hotel.


Commemorative Set

25.4 cm × 30.5 cm ¥19,800
Each Reprint ¥6,600
20.3 cm × 25.4 cm ¥16,500
Each Reprint ¥5,500
  • • Each set includes two photos each of the wedding couple and the couple with their attendants. Additional orders of either photo are available as reprints. Please note that negatives are not included.
DVD Production Ceremony
From ¥55,000
From ¥99,000
Ceremony and Reception
From ¥132,000
• Recorded and edited digitally for high quality
Closing Credits
(ceremony only)
From ¥88,000

Digital Album From ¥107,800
  • • Digital photos are printed directly on the page and bound together book-style.
  • • Only photographers contracted through the hotel may be used. Please bear in mind that hotel staff are, as a rule, not available for taking photos or filming.

Printed Items

From ¥495
Seating Chart From ¥550
Menu From ¥330
Name Cards From ¥220
Guest Book From ¥3,300

Entertainment and Other Options

Piano Rental
(A separate tuning fee of ¥12,600 applies.)
From ¥33,000
Moderator From ¥66,000
Acoustics From ¥5,500
DVD Equipment From ¥33,000
  • • All prices include consumption tax