May 14, 2020


Welcome to "Our Farm to Table". At The Atta Terrace Club Towers and The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas, we offer guests with food, drinks and esthetic materials using natural produce harvested from our very own garden and farm. We ensure that our guests have a memorable experience which they can only have at The Atta Terrace Club Towers. 

Philosophy "Persistent to Natural Farming"

We produce seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits by natural farming; minimizing organic farming without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. For example, “companion planting” is one of our approaches. We grow different types of plants and vegetables together to have a beneficial effect to prevent harming pests and promote growth. 

Experience "Nature"

Enjoy the harvesting experience “Garden Seminar” along with a guide to explain about the local vegetables and herbs. Also, “Forest Tour” lets you learn about the living creatures and plants at Atta Forest. Make sure you visit the “Butterfly House” to catch a glimpse of nymph butterflies fluttering gracefully. 

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Delight in cuisine with local, fresh produces from our very own garden.

Gourmet "Gastronomic Pleasure"

At restaurant “Fine Dining”, our chefs have created a menu themed with seasonal flowers and serve the meal using the garden’s flower and herbs. Cage-free eggs from local farmers are used for breakfast so guests can enjoy the rich taste of egg dishes.

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Relaxation "Serenity of Nature"

The luxurious moment at “Spa” will refresh your mind and body with freshly picked flowers and herbs floating in the bath. You can also enjoy the seasonal treatments using aloe or our original treatments using local natural materials.

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Enjoyment "The Garden Memory"

Create your own souvenir of Okinawan spicy sauce “Koregusu” with awamori and handpicked local red pepper grown in our garden.