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Handicrafts by local artisans are available for purchase here, along with original Atta Terrace goods and select stylish gifts.

Hours 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Location Reception House 2F

Featured Products

Okinawan Sweets & Cookies

Bring a taste of Okinawa to teatime with traditional chinsuko biscuits and cookies made with local ingredients.

Okinawan Cookies(100g)
Okinawan Brown sugar Cookies(100g)
Beni-imo Cookies(100g)

Price:¥830 each

Original Teas

Each of our several original teas makes a highly fragrant, elegant infusion.

Rose Jasmine(35g)
Earl Grey(45g)

Price:¥1,300 each

Original Dressings

Brighten salads and grilled dishes with these blends made to our chef's own recipe.

TANKAN Dressing(200ml)
Shikuwasa:Citrus Fruits Dressing(200ml)
Sima salt Dressing(200ml)

Price:¥1,058 each

Original Salt & Pepper Blends

Punch up the flavors of your favorite ingredients with Okinawa's mineral-rich, well-rounded sea salt.

Okinawan Sea Salt(80g)
Spice & Herb Sea Salt(70g)
Sea Salt & coarsely ground pepper Blends(75g)

Price:¥820 each

Ryukyu Pork Miso

Stir-fried miso and pork, a taste that has been long loved by Okinawans.It is an everyday dish which goes well with rice.

Pork Miso(140g)


All prices include consumption tax.