Club Spa Original


Body Treatments 

Ryukyu Healing  90 minutes JPY 25,000

A Club Spa original body treatment set to the gentle melodies of Okinawa, rhythmically easing tension throughout the entire body. Ideal for those experiencing physical fatigue, stiffness, or swelling.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Short Body  60 minutes JPY 17,000

A short body treatment specifically targeting the areas prone to fatigue, such as the shoulders and back, providing thorough relaxation.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and Foot bath.

Combination Treatments 

Satisfy  240 minutes JPY 68,000

A treatment program fittingly named 'Satisfy,' confidently presented by Club Spa. Our therapists carefully tailor a program based on each guest's preferences, selecting from original body and facial treatments to match individual body constitution, mood, and preferences. Recommended for those who wish to indulge in a meticulously crafted experience or seek an unparalleled relaxation time.
* Advanced booking is required, at least 3 days prior. Floral baths are available as an optional add-on (JPY 13,000). 
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Aromatic Spa  120 minutes Single JPY 31,000 / Twin JPY 60,000

After enjoying the refreshing sensation of a jet spa, reminiscent of a forest bath, warm your body, and then choose between a body or facial treatment. Wrapped in elegant scents, you can indulge in a supreme relaxation for both the body and mind. This experience is available for two people as well.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Sima Relaxation

Try these island relaxation methods for a wonderful memory of your stay in Okinawa.

Sima Care Treatments  60 minutes each JPY 16,000

Club Spa's original treatments using Okinawa's unique herbs and natural ingredients. Please choose from the following three options:
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and mist sauna.

  • Clay Wrap
    Utilizing Okinawa's mineral-rich natural mud Kucha and Shell ginger water, this treatment absorbs excess sebum and dirt, guiding you to beautiful skin.
  • Shikwasa & Aloe Wrap
    Using Shikuwasa and fresh Aloe, this treatment soothes and moisturizes damaged and dry skin. Recommended for sun-damaged skin.
  • Okinawan Salt & Herb Scrub
    Using Okinawa's natural salt (Ma-su) and herbs, this treatment removes old keratin from the skin's surface, leading to smoother skin.

Ryukyu Herb Detox(Herbal Wrap)  60 minutes JPY 16,000

A unique wrapping treatment using a cloth infused with abundant herbal extracts from herbs like Okinawan herbs, Shell ginger, Yomogi, as well as Juniper Berry and Sage. This treatment, inspired by herbs traditionally used in Okinawa, envelops the entire body, providing warmth. Herbal extracts permeate through the pores, promoting metabolism and the elimination of waste. After the treatment, you'll experience a refreshing and invigorating sensation.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.
* Reservations for the Ryukyu Herb Detox menu are required by the day before.

Optional Treatments

Head, Hand, or Leg Refresh  20 minutes each JPY 4,000

We offer three refreshing menu options for you to choose from:

  • Head Refresh
    Relieves fatigue and tension in the scalp.
  • Hand Refresh
    Releases tension in both arms, easing arm fatigue and discomfort.
  • Leg Refresh
    Eases tension in the lower legs, reducing fatigue and swelling in the feet.

Feel free to choose the option that suits your preference.

Body Care  30 minutes JPY 7,000

Additional targeted approaches can be incorporated for specific areas of concern.

Face Refresh  30 minutes JPY 8,000

After a deep cleansing, the skin is replenished with moisture using our hotel's original face mask. Adding this to your body treatment can enhance overall satisfaction.

Vichy Shower  20 minutes JPY 4,000

Hydrotherapy to enhance the effects of body treatment. With jets and negative ions, Hydrotherapy stimulates pressure points throughout the body, promoting circulation and relieving stress.

Forest Spa  30 minutes JPY 6,000

An open-air jet bath is set in a space that opens up to the forest. Adding this to your facial treatment is highly recommended.

Floral Bath  30 minutes JPY 13,000

You can enjoy a romantic atmosphere surrounded by the elegant fragrance of seasonal flowers and herbs floating in the bath.
* To provide fresh ingredients, reservations are required at least 3 days in advance.

  • All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and are subject to service charge.

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Hours of Operation:10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.