Located in the Banyan Village section of the resort, Oreander offers an extensive range of comfortably-priced gifts and souvenirs, such as key holders and decorative straps or objects for display. Adjacent to it is the Craft House, where hands-on workshops are held daily.

Hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Location Banyan Village

Busena Crafthouse info(PDF)

Crafting Classes

Create your own original souvenirs and stop by our several crafting classes including bingata dyeing, Okinawan pottery, glass beadmaking and many more.

Glass Crafting & Glass Sandblasting Class

Tuition Fee 2,130 JPY
Material Costs (Sheet) +102 JPY (1 Sheet)
Material Costs (Glass) +800~ JPY
Class Duration 60~90 Minutes

*Glass used in this class may differ from image.

Bingata Dyeing Class

Coaster 1,528 JPY
Luncheon Mat 2,500~ JPY
Eco Bag 3,519 JPY
Class Duration 60~90 Minutes

*"Bingata" represents an Okinawan staining technique.

Sea Glass (Candle) Crafting Class

Tuition Fee 2,315~ JPY
Options +350~ JPY
Class Duration 40~60 Minutes

*Crafted items will be ready for pick up 20 minutes after crafting.
*Children are welcome to participate.

Stucco Art Class

Shisa Crafts 3,519 JPY per Piece
Shisa Painting 2,000 JPY per Piece
Class Duration 40~90 Minutes

*Painted Shisa will be ready for pick up after class.
*Crafted Shisa will be ready for pick up the next day.
*Children are welcome to participate in Shisa Painting.

  • *Not listed classes such as beads crafting are also available and suitable for children.
  • *The above listed prices are all tax-excluded.
  • *Advance reservations are required for all classes.

Oreander (Craft House)


Reception Time10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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