Everyone loves the gift of food, and gourmet temptations abound at Delica Selection, our shop featuring sweet and savory items from our own kitchens or endorsed by our chefs.

Hours 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Location Central Tower 3F

The Change of Business Hours within Facilities

Please be advised that some of our facilities will change its business hours temporarily. We apologize for any inconvenience and offer our sincere appreciation for your patience and support.

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Featured Products

Okinawan Sweets & Cookies

Bring a taste of Okinawa to teatime with traditional chinsuko biscuits and cookies made with local ingredients.

Okinawan Cookies(100g)
Okinawan Hibiscus Cookies(100g)
Okinawan Brown sugar Cookies(100g)
Beni-imo Cookies(100g)
Brown Sugar Roasted Nuts(120g)

Price:¥830 each

Original Teas

Each of our several original teas makes a highly fragrant, elegant infusion.

Original Blend(50g)
Rose Jasmine(35g)
Earl Grey(45g)

Price:¥1,300 each

Original Jams

Blend in yogurt or spread on toast, muffins, or croissants for a delectable start to your day.

Shikuwasa:Citrus Fruits(200g)
Price:¥890 each


Original Dressings

Brighten salads and grilled dishes with these blends made to our chef's own recipe.

TANKAN Dressing(200ml)
Shikuwasa Dressing(200ml)
Sima salt Dressing(200ml)

Price:¥1,058 each

Original Juices

These stylishly bottled fruit nectars deliver the sunkissed taste of Okinawa to your table.

Shikuwasa:Citrus Fruits(300ml)
Price:¥1,500 each

Original Salt & Pepper Blends

Punch up the flavors of your favorite ingredients with Okinawa's mineral-rich, well-rounded sea salt.

Okinawan Sea Salt(80g)
Spice & Herb Sea Salt(70g)
Sea Salt & coarsely ground pepper Blends(75g)

Price:¥820 each

Ryukyu Pork Miso

Stir-fried miso and pork, a taste that has been long loved by Okinawans.It is an everyday dish which goes well with rice.


All prices include consumption tax.

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