Wellness Thalasso FAQ

What is Wellness Thalasso?

Our Wellness Thalasso facility uses thalassotherapies—treatments based on the natural healing powers of the sea—in its many offerings designed to enhance your wellbeing.

The multi-feature seawater pool, cosmetic treatments using sea salt, marine mud, and algae paste, and wide range of physio-, hydro-, and heat therapies as well as balanced exercise in the fresh salt air will trigger and enhance your body's own natural healing when combined in a customized program tailored to your needs and condition.

What Thalasso offerings are included in my room fee?

The pool, dry sauna, and gym are complimentary for all registered guests and may be used freely with no appointment or instruction required. Please take note of the posted signs for safety and other precautions. All other Thalasso offerings and programs are based on a personal consultation and incur separate charges.

Can I use the Thalasso facilities before check-in or after check-out?

Yes. Please be sure to deposit your valuables at the Thalasso reception desk.

Can I book a program in advance?

Yes, just give us a call. However please be advised that some components of your program will be determined at your personal consultation, based on your condition and needs on the day.

Wellness Thalasso Reservations & Inquires / Tel:+81 (0)980-51-1115
※Hours of Operation / 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. (Mar. - Nov.) , 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Dec. - Feb.)

How do you perform personal consultation? 

After the reservation is completed, our therapist may consult with you by telephone or e-mail.
However please kindly note that (face to face) personal consultation is required, and some components of your program will be determined based on your condition. 

Do I need to bring anything?
  • Due to the high pressure from jets, we recommend sports type or one piece swimwear for women. Guests who would like to wear a bikini, please wear a rash guard as well.
  • Thalasso sandals and Thalasso gown are required to use the facilities. 
  • Guests who wear contact lenses should bring goggles.

Staying guests may arrive wearing the Thalasso gown and sandals provided in their guestroom. Day visitors may change into their swimsuit in the locker room, where gowns and sandals are offered.

Do you rent swim wear and othre sports apparel at your facility? 

No, swim wear and other sports apparel may be purchased at resort shops. We have gym shoes or rash guards that are available for rent.

Can I use the Thalasso pool if I'm wearing sunscreen?

You may wear sunscreen on your face only. Please wash off all makeup before entering the pool. The pool is equipped with a retractable awning for times when the sun's glare is too harsh.

Can I wear just my bathing suit in the hotel?

When moving between your room and the pool facilities, please wear the gown provided in your room. Public spaces where a gown may be worn are the Wellness Thalasso area, the poolside bar, and the outdoor pool area.

Are the sauna, hammam, and aerosol napping facilities unisex?

Yes, both men and women share these facilities. Please wear a bathing suit.

Is it safe to try thalassotherapy during pregnancy? What about postpartum?

During the stable pregnancy period (16 to 32 weeks), guests are welcome to utilize designated areas of the thalasso pool (areas without high water pressure). Postpartum, you may access the pool if underwater exercise is permitted, but we recommend consulting with your physician beforehand.
We provide safe treatments suitable for guests in stable pregnancy (16 to 32 weeks) or breastfeeding. For further information, please contact the Thalasso Reception.
* Kindly complete the consent form prior to the treatment.

What happens when bad weather closes down the pool?

We provide indoor programs such as yoga and stretching that complement the aerobic exercises done in the pool.

What safety precautions are there?

Please read "Treatment Terms & Conditions" for the details.