Uza Esthetic Room Original


Body Treatments 

Benediction  120 miuntes JPY 35,000

A combination menu that integrates body care with a treatment using aromatic oils. You can choose either a warm body wrap made from 100% seaweed rich in ocean nutrients or a refreshing scrub that gently removes dead skin with spherical particles. The intensive mineral replenishment promotes fatigue recovery, revitalizes the skin, and helps restore balance to the body and mind.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Aroma Healing  60 minutes (Back only) JPY 20,000 / 120 minutes (Full body) JPY 33,000

A relaxation body treatment tailored to each customer's condition on that particular day. With the gentle scent of aromatic oils, this treatment soothes the fatigue of both the body and mind. You can choose between a treatment focusing on the back only or a full-body treatment.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Body Scrub & Body Wrap 

Iridescent  90 minutes JPY 25,000

The first step in body care involves a full-body scrub and body wrap. This helps boost metabolism, replenishes the skin with abundant ocean nutrients, and smoothens the skin's surface.
* Treatment time above includes personal consultation and bathing time.

Optional Treatments 

Anniversary Option - Rose & Herbal Bath  30 minutes JPY 20,000

As a special touch for special occasions, we add a vibrant touch to the jet spa area with roses and seasonal flowers. You can enjoy self-care with scrubs made from herbs from our own farm, 'OUR FARM,' and Okinawan sea salt.
*To provide fresh ingredients, reservations are required at least one week in advance.

Body Scrub / Body Wrap  30 minutes each JPY 9,000

You can choose between a "Body Scrub" that gently removes dead skin from the entire body and a "Body Wrap" that promotes detoxification through intensive mineral replenishment. Choose according to your preference.

Head Care  20 mintutes JPY 6,000

The scalp's fatigue and tension are relieved using a hair tonic infused with herbal essences.

Foot Ritual  20 minutes JPY 4,000

After soaking in a foot bath enveloped in the gentle scent of herbs, the feet are treated with our original scrub for exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth.

All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and are subject to service charge.

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Hours of Operation: 11:00 - 19:00