360 Yard Par 4

    Map of Hole No. 1

    Click on a camera icon to view the terrain from that angle.

    • BT360
    • RT328
    • LT270
    • PAR4
    • HDCP13

    Level terrain, no water hazards, and the straight approach of this undemanding hole invite you to ease into your game smoothly.

    • Tee
      The area just to the left of the fairway bunker is out of bounds. The right side is wide open.
    • Fairway
      You'll have to carry the bunker if the cup is on the right side of the green, so make sure that you have the distance to get close on the fly.
    • Approach
      The green slopes down toward the left. Plan for some run on approach shots from the right and be aggressive from the left.
    • On the Green
      The right side of this two-tiered green is higher, and the grain goes toward the ocean.