520 Yard Par 5

    Map of Hole No. 3

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    • BT520
    • RT472
    • LT366
    • PAR5
    • HDCP13

    An expansive, downhill long hole offering a scenic view of the distant Sesoko Bridge. The tee ground, synonymous with this golf course's beauty, provides a picturesque starting point for this challenging hole.

    • Tee
      Fly the fairway bunker on the right to eat up plenty of yards and give yourself a chance to get on in two.
    • Fairway
      Choose your club carefully for the downhill lie on your second shot.
    • Approach
      You face another downhill lie from the area just before the pond, but it is no easier to go deep and come in from the rear bunker.
    • On the Green
      The green is long and sloped toward you, but the grain goes toward the pond in the front and toward the bunker in the back.