Vegan Menus for Dinner

The Vegan Menus, featuring Okinawan vegetables, has been introduced under the supervision of Chef Andrea Michelangelo Cattaneo, who was involved in menu development at the world's first Michelin three-star restaurant specializing in vegan cuisine, 'Eleven Madison Park.' Chef Higa Toru, the head chef at The Terrace Club at Busena, has crafted these dishes, offering a tantalizing array of flavors and vibrant colors that can only be derived from fresh vegetables.

* The ingredients used and menu items may vary depending on the season.

"Carpaccio with local vegetables"

We've crafted a Carpaccio featuring traditional Okinawan vegetables such as Mo-ui (red cucumber) and sponge cucumber, along with locally known Tonburi "caviar of the field," and a tomato jelly resembling ikura. Served with soy sour cream on the side for a delightful twist.

"Goya Panna Cotta"

Using oven-roasted bitter melon (goya), this panna cotta captures the distinctive bitterness of goya. The tomato sauce, with a hint of sweetness amidst its acidity, is accentuated by black pepper.

"Pasta with local vegetables"

Pasta with abundant zucchini and bell peppers, tossed in a tomato-based vegetable purée sauce.

"Quinoa Risotto"

Okinawa Prefecture designates Handama (water dropwort) as a "traditional agricultural product." To bring out the flavor of the vegetables, we combined the Handama into a puree with quinoa risotto.


Toru Higa
The head chef of our "Fine Dining" restaurant

After years of honing skills in various restaurants within The Busena Terrace, Mr. Toru Higa was selected as one of the founding members of The Terrace Club at Busena in 2011. He contributed to the development of wellness menus for the restaurant. In 2012, he assumed the role of head chef for the fine dining establishment. His culinary philosophy revolves around delivering personalized dishes to each customer. Drawing from his extensive experience as a wellness resort chef, he continues to propose inventive and satisfying dishes that are gentle on the body.


Andrea Michelangelo Cattaneo
Vegan Cuisine Supervision

Originally from Italy, and influenced by his father, also a chef, he developed an interest in vegan cuisine from a young age. After gaining experience in various restaurants, he came to Japan in 2014. He studied under Toshio Tanahashi, a leading expert in shojin cuisine. In 2021, when the Michelin three-star restaurant "Eleven Madison Park" in New York re-launched as a vegan restaurant, he collaborated with Tanahashi on menu development.

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