Enjoy a breakfast with the blessings of nature

Enjoy a refreshing breakfast while overlooking the poolside scenery with a gentle breeze. At The Atta Terrace Club Towers, we offer a breakfast focused on natural ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruits from our own garden and local produce are served buffet-style, while our chef prepares main dishes with meticulous attention to detail. Choose your favorite and indulge in a luxurious morning experience.

Duration All year round
Hours 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Location Fine Dining

* Please note that breakfast may also be served as a set menu. Please find an attached PDF in advance.
Breakfast Set Menu


~ Our Farm to Table ~
The hotel has its own vegetable garden on the premises.  "Our Farm"

We cultivate a variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits with great care using organic farming methods that avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We make every effort to ensure the growth of our crops by implementing various measures to guarantee our guests can enjoy them with peace of mind.

We are committed to using high-quality ingredients, including free-range eggs, in our dishes.
For breakfast at the Fine Dining, we use free-range eggs from Miyagi Farm located in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture. These eggs are fed with fermented organic matter and green grass, resulting in rich, flavorful yolks. Enjoy the indulgent taste of dishes like omelets or eggs benedict, enriched with the delicious flavor of these eggs.

* At The Atta Terrace Club Towers, we endorse 'Animal Welfare,' aiming to provide comfortable and stress-free environments for animals, including livestock. We use free-range eggs from Miyagi Farm, where the chickens are raised in spacious, open areas, allowing them to grow in a free and unrestrained manner.

Natural Honey "Atta Honey"
Natural honey harvested from the apiary in 'The Garden' located within the hotel premises. Honey collected from abundant nectar sources such as clover, millennium trees, tea leaves, shalimbi, palm, and cherry blossoms in the forest of Atta offers a gentle flavor that spreads throughout the mouth.
* Please note that there may be times when honey harvesting is not possible due to seasonal or environmental conditions.

Recommended dish: Choose your main dish

It's a semi-buffet style where you can choose your main dish. Choose from Okinawan Eggs Benedict, Galette Atta Style, French Toast with Brioche, Soup Risotto, or Standard (egg dish).

Main dish (example)

Okinawan Eggs Benedict

We offer two options: one is prepared in the style of tacos with taco meat plenty of fresh vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, while the other is a smoked ham Eggs Benedict.

Galette Atta Style

Enjoy a galette made with buckwheat flour, filled with vegetables harvested from Atta Garden, locally sourced island vegetables, free-range eggs, and cheese, all served Atta-style.

Brioche French Toast

Indulge in our original French toast made with thick slices of the flavorful brioche from The Terrace Bakery, perfected with a light and fluffy texture. Served with a refreshing fruit sauce.

Soup Risotto

Experience the flavors of our risotto, crafted with a base of Japanese-style dashi broth and generously infused with local vegetables and mushrooms. Enjoy it warm and fresh.

Standard (Choose your favorite egg dish)

  • Omelette
  • Fried Egg
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Boiled Egg

Breakfast Buffet

Juice & Milk (Daily)

  • Cold Pressed Juice (Bitter Melon)
  • Fruit Juice
    (Mango, Orange, Guava, Apple)
  • Fresh Smoothie
  • Milk
  • Mineral Water

Assorted Bread from The Terrace Bakery (Daily)

  • Baguette
  • Croissant
  • Danish Pastries
    (Chocolate, American Cherry)
  • Bread roll
    (Rice Flour, Tomato)
  • Confiture Strawberry, Shikuwasa, Pineapple and Blueberry Jam
    * Shikuwasa and Pineapple Jam are hotel originals
  • Unsalted Butter, Maple Syrup
  • Atta Honey
    (Honey harvested on the premises of The Atta Terrace)

Cereal, Yogurt, Fruits

  • Cereal
    (All-Bran, Granola, Fruit Granola)
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Fresh Fruits
    (Melon, Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit, Kiwi)
  • Fruit Sauces
    (Blueberry, Kiwi, Mango)

Warm Vegetables (Daily)

  • Bitter Gourd, Sweet Potato, Daikon Radish, Carrot, etc.

Soup (Daily)

  • Minestrone Soup, Onion Soup, Pho (Rice Noodles)

Sausage or Bacon (Daily)

Salad (Daily)

  • Sunny Lettuce, Green Kale, Treviso
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Bitter Melon
  • Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
  • Coleslaw
  • Broccol
  • Radish
  • Whole Corn
  • Japanese mustard greens
  • Cauliflower
  • Shredded Red and Yellow Carrots

Cold Dish Toppings

  • Salmon Marinade
  • Cold Cuts
  • Mustard Radish
  • Crispy Bacon
  • Locally Sourced Mozuku Vinegar
  • Boiled Tofu
  • The Terrace Hotels Original Dressing (Tankan or Shikuwasa)
  • Sesame Dressing, Japanese-style Onion Dressing

Coffee or Tea

* Please note that the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.

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The Atta Terrace Club Towers

Seasonal menu

【4/1 - 6/30】"Essence" -Chef’s Recommendation-

Fine Dining

"Essence," a specialty crafted from seasonal locally-sourced ingredients including pesticide-free vegetables and herbs from our own garden, embodies delicate culinary techniques. From April to June, indulge in our vibrant menu featuring an artistic presentation inspired by mosaic patterns. Start your culinary journey with Okinawan tuna carpaccio, adorned with refreshing hints of mint and lime, and a tartare of squid and shellfish, featuring two exquisite appetizers. For the main course, savor the flavors of our seafood dishes, such as spicy scampi and pan-seared local white fish with saffron-infused white wine sauce, reminiscent of the refreshing sea breeze of early summer in Okinawa.

Period of availability:April 1 - June 30 2024

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