Details on the exceptional menu
by a MICHELIN Key hotel chef in Corsica, France.

Since 2010, The Terrace Hotels has maintained ongoing cultural and culinary exchanges, focusing on chefs, in collaboration with the Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa, a MICHELIN Key establishment in Corsica, France, hereinafter referred to as Cala Rossa. Renowned Cala Rossa chef Pascal Cayeux was invited to oversee the fine dining experiences at The Atta Terrace Club Towers and The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas. Entitled "Delicious Journey to Corsica," we will present dynamic yet refined cuisine infused with the delightful essence of Corsica. We invite you to anticipate an exciting new chapter in fine dining at both hotels.

"Delicious Journey to Corsica"

Duration April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025
* Excluding May 3 - May 5, August 10 - August 13, 2024, December 30, 2024 - January 2, 2025
Hours 5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (L.O. 9:00 p.m.)
Location Fine Dining
Price Delicious Journey to Corsica JPY 22,000 per person
(Inc. tax and exc. service charge)

Delicious Journey to Corsica

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Pascal Cayeux

After receiving training at renowned restaurants throughout France, he apprenticed under Mr. Boyer of Les Crayères, a longstanding recipient of three MICHELIN stars. Since arriving in Corsica in 1997, he has developed a deep affection for the island and its local ingredients. Since 2010, he has served as the head chef at Cala Rossa, overseeing its culinary operations.


Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa, situated on the picturesque island of Corsica in southern France, is a prestigious luxury resort hotel acknowledged by the esteemed global membership organization Relais & Châteaux. Since 2010, The Terrace Hotels has been facilitating personnel exchanges through the mutual dispatch and invitation of chefs and service staff.

Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa
"Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa" Promotion Movie

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The Atta Terrace Club Towers

Seasonal menu

【4/1 - 6/30】"Essence" -Chef’s Recommendation-

Fine Dining

"Essence," a specialty crafted from seasonal locally-sourced ingredients including pesticide-free vegetables and herbs from our own garden, embodies delicate culinary techniques. From April to June, indulge in our vibrant menu featuring an artistic presentation inspired by mosaic patterns. Start your culinary journey with Okinawan tuna carpaccio, adorned with refreshing hints of mint and lime, and a tartare of squid and shellfish, featuring two exquisite appetizers. For the main course, savor the flavors of our seafood dishes, such as spicy scampi and pan-seared local white fish with saffron-infused white wine sauce, reminiscent of the refreshing sea breeze of early summer in Okinawa.

Period of availability:April 1 - June 30 2024

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