The island of Corsica in southern France is blessed with abundant nature. The 5-star hotel "Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa", on the same island, and our company, The Terrace Hotels have continued to exchange spa services and culinary experiences for over 12 years. The treatment of plant-derived natural cosmetics ‘’NUCCA’’ developed by the sister company of Cala Rossa is using native herbs of Corsica and Southern France; which is the world-famous collaboration between the Cala Rossa Group in France, Corsica and Japan. This is a unique experience developed only by the 2 hotel groups. Experience the powerful effects of herbs and surround yourself with the gentle scent of natural origin.


Canarelli sisters, the beautiful producers of "NUCCA"

Older sister Hélène (right) and younger sister Liz (left), owners of the Grand Hotel de Calarossa. The sisters, who grew up surrounded by the rich nature of Corsica from an early age, set up a laboratory to create products that are beneficial from the prosperous nature of Corsica.


Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa

The Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa, located in the island of Corsica in southern France, is a luxury resort hotel recognized by the global membership organization Relais & Chateaux. Since 2010, The Terrace Hotels has continued personnel exchanges such as services and culinary experiences.

Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa

「NUCCA」Treatment Menu

Body Treatment

Drainage 70 min. JPY 27,000

A body treatment effective for issues like chilliness and swelling due to imbalances in hormone levels and the autonomic nervous system. Using vibrant herbal essences such as dill, juniper, and basil from the "NUCCA" original blend, this treatment delivers these essences deep into the body, gradually easing and relaxing both the body and mind. The power of plants nurtured in the Corsican soil and their rich fragrances guide you into a profound state of relaxation.

Facial Treatment

Hydra Nourishing Facial 80 min. JPY 32,000

A facial treatment that deeply moisturizes the skin, providing essential hydration and nourishment. Rich in vitamins from apricot, rose, and moisturizing agents like aloe and shea butter, the effective plant-based ingredients work slowly into the inner layers of the skin. Addressing dryness, often considered a cause of skin aging, it replenishes firmness and moisture, restoring a plump and hydrated feel. The treatment also helps to create a clear and well-defined complexion from the décolleté to the facial contours, resulting in a fresh, translucent glow.

Combination Treatment

Reboost 60 min. JPY 28,000

This treatment is designed to alleviate the fatigue of the body and skin caused by air travel or other modes of transportation. It targets areas that may experience stiffness or tension, such as the neck, arms, and legs, due to prolonged periods of immobility during travel, promoting overall body activation. Additionally, it focuses on addressing fatigue-prone areas like the eyes and neck, making it an ideal short combination menu for those with limited time or those looking for targeted improvements in a shorter duration.

Drainage & Flush 100 min. JPY 38,000

This menu combines the "Drainage" body treatment with a compact facial treatment. Using apricot seed scrub to provide vitamins and enhance skin flexibility, it includes a Verbena & Yuzu mask and a high-concentration oil serum to thoroughly cleanse, moisturize, and balance the skin. Despite its short duration, this combination treatment stimulates skin metabolism, bringing out transparency and radiance.

Signature treatment 135 min. JPY 45,000

This combination treatment features the "Drainage" body treatment and the “Hydra nourishing Facial" treatment. By simultaneously caring for the body and face, you can experience a perfect relaxation of both the mind and body. Not only will your body feel lighter, and your skin regain its natural radiance and beauty, but the time enveloped in the energizing aroma of Corsican herbs will also provide a soothing and fulfilling experience for the soul.

All prices are inclusive of consumption tax and are subject to service charge.

Reservation/Contact :
+81 (0)980-51-1115

Hours of Operation :
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Mar. - Nov.)
9:00 a.m. -  8:00 p.m. (Dec. - Feb.)