Aqua Fitness

30 minutes* ¥4,500
Special exercises and jet-massage therapies in our seawater pool restore your body's natural balance by improving circulation, easing muscular tension, and burning calories.
*Conducted in groups of up to four people.

Personalized Program

45 minutes ¥7,500
This tailor-made course aligned to your goals draws on stretching exercises, yoga, and/or muscle conditioning.


Personal Stretching

A therapist works with you in this personalized stretching program, gently working through all of your tight spots and specific trigger points to leave you loose and relaxed.


Personal Yoga

One-on-one sessions provide focused instruction best suited to your body's condition.


Personal Conditioning

After a short session at the studio and the Thalassotherapy pool, our therapist will provide the personalized exercise menu tailored to your body condition.

Cape Walking


Cape Walking

60 minutes* ¥3,000
Enjoy the fresh saline air as you master effective walking exercises. (For early-morning appointments, counseling will be conducted one day prior.)
*Conducted in groups of up to four people.

  • ・All prices are subject to consumption tax.
  • ・Personal consultation of 15 to 30 minutes will be added to your appointment.

Reservation/Contact:+81 (0)980-51-1115
Hours of Operation:9:00 a.m. - 10 p.m.